Robin Hunicke (Journey, Boom Blox, MySims) is a game designer and producer, with a background in CS & AI. In addition to EGW and the annual Game Design Workshop, Robin helps organize IndieCade, mentors aspiring developers, and promotes diversity in our industry. She is also co-founder of the San Francisco-based indie studio Funomena.

Daniel Benmergui (Today I Die, I Wish I Were The Moon) is an independent game designer living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A passionate advocate of experimental gameplay since early in the workshop’s history, Daniel is currently working on his newest game: Storyteller.


Jonathan Blow (Braid) founded the workshop. He’s an independent game designer & programmer working on The Witness.

Chris Hecker organized the Indie Game Jams which were featured in the first EGW sessions. He’s working on Spy Party.

Doug Church (Ultima Underworld, System Shock, Thief) has been in the game industry since 1990, and is currently working on something awesome, maybe, at Valve.

Richard Lemarchand (Uncharted, Soul Reaver, Gex) helped organize the 2012 and 2013 workshops before taking a full time gig at USC as a professor of all things game!

Prior interns include Eileen Hollinger and Chris Bell.

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