Get ready for the EGW 2019!

Hello, Game Design Explorers! The EGW is back!

EGW stands for "Experimental Gameplay Workshop", a presentation session during the Game Developers Conference (San Francisco, California) where we display a selection of games that are interesting, surprising and explore original game mechanics or use them in an unexpected way. This is the 17th year we are running it and at this point we can guarantee you'll come out of this session inspired to think outside the norms, feeling like your mind has been expanded, and maybe even decide to try doing something new yourself :)

We're back again at GDC 2019 for our 17th annual session, and the EGW Faculty is extremely happy to be showcasing design ideas that push the boundaries of our medium, by asking questions like: 

  • What if we play a tile-placement adventure game to discover secrets? Sunhead Games will go into detail with Carto.

  • What if we have to solve language puzzles? Gerben Grave will show Eloquence.

  • What if we play a game where you have ROM hacking mechanics? Frank DeMarco will explore the question with Picture Processing.

  • What if you have to reconstruct events of a crime by combining testimonies into a single timeline? Kitfox Games will expose Lucifer within Us.

  • What if you are given tools to generate magnetic fields anywhere and manipulate the magnetic properties of objects to survive? Antti Sandberg and Juuso Toikka will be showing Plusminus.

  • And many many more surprises!

Join us to see all these crazy prototypes and their amazing creators: Meet us at GDC on Friday 22th (1:30-3:30 pm.)